Option SA

We are Option!

We are Option!

option SA

Over 30 years of experience across different sales channels and product lines in the FMCG market

About Us

Your best choice for your FMCG brand

Option is just the right partner for you. Our scale, experience and capabilities guarantee the growth of your brand in our market.

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Why Option?

Option is just the right partner for you. Our scale, 30 years of experience and strong capabilities guarantee the growth of your brand in our market.

Complete coverage of Colombia both in terms of geography and channel type, established long term relations with all major retailers in addition to a broad portfolio of consumer brands that open doors, all give us a unique set of skills to position new brands entering the Colombian market.

Our portfolio categories include Personal Care & Beauty, Home Care & Daily Use, Food and Pets.

We are your team in Colombia!


Bring to the Colombian consumer brands and products that make their life better and more exciting.


Our sales partners and consumers will recognize Option for the high quality and reasonable price of our products and brands, for our great attention to customer service and the goodwill of our company and portfolio of brands.

Our suppliers will see Option as the best local partner and ambassador for their brands, for our ability to scale those brands in our market and as a responsible and diligent long-term partner in Colombia.

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Our values


Always ask ourselves if this product or brand is the best value option for the Colombian consumer.


Always establish long term relationships with our suppliers and clients.


Act according to the best interest of our brands, our products and our people.


Ask not what your brand can do for you, but what you can do for your brand.


Only through collaboration we will all reach our goals.

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